Hiring A Wrecker Service For Your Heavy Truck Towing Needs

Moving a large commercial truck with a wrecker or heavy truck towing service takes some planning to ensure that the truck can be moved safely. From semi-trucks to box trucks and straight trucks that carry cargo, moving the truck from one place to another when it can't be driven under its own power can require a specialized heavy tow truck service to make the move happen. 

Emergency Towing

A commercial truck that has been involved in a collision or accident that leaves it undrivable often requires a heavy truck towing service to move it. The truck's weight means that most standard tow trucks can't move the semi or commercial truck because they often outweigh the tow truck. 

Most heavy tow truck services use semi-truck chassis fitted with booms and tow bodies, so they have the power and weight to move the commercial truck. The chassis they pick for the tow rig is designed for extremely heavy loads and can often pull the truck and the cargo the truck is loaded with if needed. This allows the tow company to move the truck off the road and protect the load at the same time. 

Emergency towing situations can often be challenging because there may be other vehicles involved or the damage to the truck may be so extensive that it needs to be removed from the trailer before towing. 

Accident Recovery

Heavy truck towing often includes recovery work, which essentially means that the truck is stuck or off the road and can not move under its own power. The truck is often running fine but needs to be pulled out of a ditch or back onto the road.

The tow truck operator needs to move the truck carefully so they do not damage it. In some situations, a large wrecker is used to lift the truck off the ground to get it over a curb or obstacle. While there can be some limitations, a pair of larger rotator wreckers can lift an entire semi-trailer and move it if the operators running the trucks are experienced enough. 

If you need a tow truck for your commercial vehicle, it is vital to look for one that advertises commercial truck towing and recovery. When you call the heavy truck towing service, let them know what the situation is so that they can determine what tow truck is needed for the job and send the right one out to help you. 

If several trucks are needed, the dispatcher will send them out together, but the tow truck operators on the scene will determine how to handle the recovery and if they need both tow trucks or not. The cost of these recovery operations is often expensive, but it is the only safe way to move the truck safely in many cases.

Reach out to a heavy truck towing company if you need to move a commercial truck.